Concern or Challenges? Speak Dear, I’m Listening.
She was sitting all by herself in the corner of the room, mopping. Everyone was busy with one thing or the other. I was so engrossed with what I was doing and didn’t really notice when she tried getting my attention. I saw her go from one person to the other but no one seems to have her time to hear whatever she had to say and I didn’t bother either, to stop her and ask, what do you want?
Suddenly, it occurred to me that she wasn’t moving anymore, she was just motionless on the chair. I jumped up from where I sat and rushed to grab her. That was when I realized that her eyes were swollen and red like crimson. My God!!! She must have been weeping, only God knows, for how long. Fortunately, she wasn’t dead but had wept herself to sleep.
I shook her to wake up and as she gently opened her eyes, I asked her, “What happened to you, why were you crying?” Her reply brought instant tears to my eyes. Do you know what she said? She said, “I wanted to tell you something.”
In the midst of my tears, I said to her, “Speak Dear, I’m listening.”
Do you know how many times that your colleague, friend, neighbour, sibling, child, wife, husband, etc have tried to get your attention, just to share a burden, concern or challenge, etc with you but you’re so BUSY.
We wonder why people suddenly turn to take their own lives, get addicted to hard drugs, become part of a notorious gang, etc when we have become too occupied with “Me, Myself and I”
Giving someone a listening ear may be all they need to have a change of mind. Giving someone listening ear may be all they need to have their hope rekindled. Giving someone a listening ear may be all they need to save their lives, drowning marriage, destiny, etc. Just a listening ear!!!
At Let’s Talk Africa, we say to you, “Speak Dear, We’re listening.” Whatever it is you want to talk about, you talk, we listen.
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Thank you.