Still On Marriage, Part 1

Still on Marriage

I just read the post by one of us talking about what’s delaying some brothers from getting married and he particularly mentioned Character.

Just to lend my pen, I had an experience some days ago that opened my eyes.

I went for an assignment in a particular office, Church office, and a Sister was there. While I was busy with a task, the thing was giving me some tough time and from no where, someone offered to help me with the task. It was the sister.

She took over the task and helped me to make it easy, I was just looking at her as Eleazar of Damacus was looking at Rebecca while she helped give water to his camels.

When she was done, she asked if I was good. Sure I was. She observed, I guess, that I’ve not eaten and asked if I would want something to eat. Though I declined, in my mind, I was wondering how she knew I needed food. 🤔

When I was done I said to myself that, this is a wife material. But the question is, how many brothers have the ability to DISCERN when they come in contact with one? 🤔🤔

One of the things Brothers need to pray for, is the ability to discern who your wife is, when you see her. Your inability to discern when you see her will make you to miss her.

The day I saw my wife, I immediately knew she’s going to be my wife. Don’t ask me how. That’s story for another day. 🤣🤣

Permit me to say, you can actually have the Nikki Minaj curvy sister with Chioma Jesus character if you have the ability to discern. If you don’t believe, check out my wiffy. 😘😘

Say “ameeen ” somebody!

Sir Michael Oyagha