Result Is Not All That Matters.

I’ve heard many people say that “result is all that matters” and as such, many people have given themselves to just wanting to get results, not minding how it is gotten. To them, after all, that’s all that matters.

As I pondered on this, I realized that result is actually not all that matters. The way and manner results are gotten also matters. The medium through which results are gotten also matters.

When we become conscious of this exception, employers would be mindful of how the employee gets results for the Organization; Parents would be mindful of how their children or wards get their results to obtain admission into the higher institution of learning, the young entrepreneur would be careful of what he does to get results. Every one of us would be careful of what we do to achieve whatever result we desire.

When we get to this point, then and only then would we realize that result is not all that matters, integrity matters too.

How true and honest are your ways to getting your desired results? I’d leave you with that thought

My name is Michael Oyagha and I am your Personal Development Coach.

Thank you.