It’s Better To Arrive Late Than To Be Late

It was on a bright and beautiful Monday morning and I was traveling from the East to Lagos.

We left our destination very early so that we can get to Lagos on time but the Driver was delayed at Ihiala by some touts who are working at the Local Govt.

Before you can say jack, it was 12pm and we were still in the East. πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

By the time the touts released us, after collecting some money from the Driver, it was already 1 pm.

The Driver was not happy neither was I. We all wanted to get to our destination before it gets dark.

As a result, the driver was racing like James Bond and on three occasions, we almost ran into trucks that were crawling on the highway.

At a point, I needed to inform the driver that, it’s better for us to arrive at our destination late than to become late.

That’s how many of us are so much in a hurry to get to our destination; marriage, success, make money, etc, that we end up sacrificing our destiny i.e. life.

We’re not in this life to compete, we can only complement each other. And don’t ever see yourself as being in a competition with anyone; you’re not.

So, Slow down. Observe all the road signs on your way to your destination. Rules are given for a purpose.

Also, you need to define your destination. When you define your destination, you’ll know that all route doesn’t lead there.

What’s the need of rushing when you don’t know where you’re rushing to?

You must also define your company. If you walk with eagles, you’ll soar. You must understand that a stationary vehicle goes nowhere.

Lastly, mind your business. Be conscious of your calling, talent, potential, and destiny. Otherwise, you may not arrive safely.

Thank you.