Have You Set Your Goals?


How are we doing today? In my last post, I asked if you’re working on your goals for 2022 or you’ve already done that.

Some persons may be having issues with, “how do I set goals for myself, what areas should I set goals on, etc

Well, before asking how to set your goals, you should first identify the areas in which you want to set goals. I’ll just share mine with you without going into details.

The areas you can set goals in depends on what you intend to achieve. What I mean by that is, if you’re a leader and you intend to achieve something in that area then, you should set leadership goals for yourself.

If you intend to invest in yourself via personal development, then you should set goals in that area. Do you get it?

You can’t achieve something if you’re not committed to it. Setting your goals will make you committed to achieving the same.

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