Don’t Just Stand There.

I went to the ATM to withdraw some cash and when I got there, I saw that everyone was standing before two out of the three machines that were there.

In my mind, I was wondering, why is there nobody using the third machine? Is it that it’s faulty or what? Well, instead of joining the bandwagon, I decided to ask the people I met there, is this machine working?

Surprisingly, nobody seems to know. Why? Nobody has cared to ask that question. They all just came and joined the crowd.

So, I walked to the machine, inserted my card, and voila! cash came out. I didn’t waste time waiting for anything. When others saw what happened, they jumped to use the machine but me, I was already on my way.

Is that not what many of us do? You’re scared to ask questions. You’ll prefer to join the multitude who do not know what they are doing or where they are going to instead of asking a question and changing the narrative.

Some are scared of asking a question for the sake of avoiding rejection. Why do you fear rejection in advance? Everyone experiences rejection at one time or the other. You don’t believe, ask Jesus Christ.

Instead of just standing there, why not ask questions. Ask for direction. Ask for clarification. Ask for an explanation. Ask for the person’s hand in marriage. Whatever is the asking, just ask.

Don’t just stand there, ask questions.

Sir Michael Oyagha