Anger Is Not A Virtue

This morning, I’ll be sharing some thoughts on the above topic with us. It has become important because of the position of the scriptures on the issue of anger.

In the book of Matt 10:16, Jesus talked about being “wise as the serpent and harmless as doves”

That word, harmless, is interpreted as “inoffensive”. That’s, not taking offences personal, people will definitely do things that are capable of offending you but you shouldn’t take it to yourself.

The ability to isolate offences and not get angry at the offender, as a result of what was done/said or written, is a sign of maturity.

It’s natural for one to express displeasure over an unpleasant talk, write-up or expression. However, you are not expected to hold on to it.

The Bible says, anger lies in the bossom of a fool. Ecclesiastes 7:9. That means that, it’s only a fool that accommodates anger, that takes pride in anger and will say things like, “no make me angry, because if I start, you no go like am or my anger no dey good or if I talk now, this place go scatter, etc

Anger isn’t a virtue so, it’s not what one should be proud of.

The book of Proverbs 12:16 tells us that it’s very easy to know a fool via his wrath. When he’s angry, you’ll see and know it because he’ll do foolish things, say things that are foolish. Proverbs 14:17.

This is wisdom but the Bible says that, wisdom is too high for a fool. Proverbs 24:7. That means that, it’s only a fool that would not consider wise sayings or gesture.

Think on this.

God bless you.

Sir Michael Oyagha